Thursday, March 10, 2011

The new Michelle Rhee? Kaya Henderson becomes new DC School Chancellor

Kay Henderson was announced yesterday as the new Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. 

Kaya Henderson is no stranger to the nation's capitol's school system. Ms. Henderson has served as the interim chancellor for the past couple of months, taking the post immediately after Michelle Rhee submitted her resignation shortly after Adrian Fenty lost reelection. Ms. Henderson is a veteran of the D.C. Public Schools and has been working in the system for 13 years. She is also an alumnus of Teach for America and the New Teacher Project, and while she reportedly has a different style than the sometimes combative Ms. Rhee, she is expected to continue with many of the reforms that she put in place. 
“I am very excited that Mayor Gray has offered me the opportunity to be Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools,” she said. “I have learned a great deal over the past four months as interim chancellor and I look forward to continuing to work with Mayor Gray to make the critical decisions needed to ensure that DCPS becomes a first-class school district. The work that we will continue together is critical to the success of our students and the future of our city.” - Kaya Henderson 


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