Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson featured in Time Magazine

Time Magazine recently asked EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson ten questions on its website. Ms. Jackson has been in the news a lot lately with many members of Congress demanding more oversight of her agency and even threatening to defund it. She spoke with the magazine about those issues and several others in light of the controversy.

From Time:

Two of your Republican predecessors recently wrote that the EPA is "under siege" from the GOP. Is there a war against the EPA? There are certainly some members of Congress who have come in with an agenda that includes this agency. We hear words like scaling back and defunding.A key point of contention is EPA regulations that could be coming on greenhouse gases.
What is the EPA looking to do on this issue? We're talking about updating standards under the Clean Air Act to address pollution. Although I joined the President in calling for legislation, that doesn't mean we can't get started using the Clean Air Act to take a series of moderate steps that would add up to real reduction. 
Why should the EPA be regulating carbon?Because it's the law. The Clean Air Act and Supreme Court cases have said the EPA must determine whether greenhouse gases endanger public health. We have determined, based on multiple lines of scientific evidence, that they do.

You can read the rest of the questions here.


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