Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MediaGirl: Maria Shiver to guest edit "O Magazine"

For all of those wondering what the former first lady of California will do next, today we got our answer. Maria Shriver, wife of former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will serve as the first guest editor of O, Oprah Magazine. The upcoming April issue will celebrate National Poetry Month is appropriately called "Express Yourself." Oprah is encouraging her readers to submit their original poems, while Mike Tyson and Demi Moore have already signed up to be contributors.

In a press release, the editor of the magazine stated, "Poetry is an art form that can lift your spirits or move you to tears. We want to help our readers experience its power, and we are honored to have Maria's help to do it."

You can go to to submit your poems or see the video of Maria talking about the issue.


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