Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sandra Lee, girlfriend of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, featured in this month's Harper's Bazaar

Douglas Friedman
Sandra Lee, star of her own Food Network and girlfriend of NewYork governor Andrew Cuomo is featured in this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar. In the article she talks about the challenges of being a working woman balancing a tv show, magazine, a new houseware deal, and her relationship with the governor.

Excerpt from Harper's Bazaar:

As a couple, Cuomo and Lee have maintained a very low-key profile. She didn't campaign with him in his race for governor in 2010, and they appear together only occasionally at official events. She explains their public shyness as a way of guarding their privacy. "I have a partner," she says, "who feels the exact same way as I do about protecting our personal relationship."
But what if Cuomo were to decide to run for president one day, as some have speculated he is aiming to do? "I haven't even thought about anything like that," Lee avers. "More than anything now, I feel really lucky to have a relationship that's just mine and that I get to go home to, that's a safe haven, and that I have something that's not the whole world's too."


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