Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Woman for Press Secretary?

According to Politico, that just might be the case. The newspaper is reporting that Karen Finney is being considered for press secretary to replace Robert Gibbs who will be stepping down from the podium in early February. While most other outlets are reporting that the top candidates are officials inside the administration, including Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton and Vice President Joe Biden's Communications Director Jay Carney, it is still great that she is on the short list. Ms. Finney is definitely qualified for the position as she once served as Director of Communications for the Democratic National Committee during Howard Dean's tenure and worked on the Kerry/Edwards campaign and Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign. You can even catch her on MSNBC as a commentator and political analyst.

Hopefully they aren't just floating her name because it looks good to have a woman on the list. We hope that she receives full consideration just like the male candidates.


Evan said...

I hope so. Karen is not only beyond qualified and intelligent enough, she is absolutely gorgeous. The perfect choice I declare.

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