Monday, January 3, 2011

Carol Moseley Braun gains support in Chicago mayor's race

This past week, several individuals running for mayor of Chicago dropped out and paved the way for former Senator, Carol Moseley Braun to be the main African-American candidate. Danny Davis, a congressman in Illinois's 7th district dropped out a couple of days ago along with Rev. James T. Meek, a prominent pastor in in Chicago who ended his mayoral campaign a week ago.

With those two candidates out, many leaders in the African-American community hope to throw all of their support around Ms. Braun in hopes that it will be enough to beat front runner, Rahm Emmanuel, the former chief of staff to President Obama.

 “We have a challenge before us to achieve unity, that starts here tonight, but also achieve unity for the whole city,” stated Ms. Braun this past weekend.


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